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   Carl Elizondo & The Royal Union Of Architects





                                             "Gentlemen of the Finest Order"


Hello there, We are quite excited to know you, and to have you visit us.
The Royal Union of Architects have been hard at work bringing you their version of Brit-Rock style music. Using the The Beatles, Noel Gallagher & The Stone Roses as well as other styles of music as a cornerstone, the Architects try to meld these styles into their own brand of music & we hope you enjoy it...!

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" and just say hello, email us your picture & tell us the country where you're from and we'll put them up........ We're sure you'll find something you like!         Cheers mate!



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So ello all....whew, what a turbulent time in our lives- We shut the studio down and are moving it to a new location to be built. it has been a tough time with some family members very ill and trying to keep a positive mind. Moving is also not fun- it gets in the way of writing music! Please go to iTunes to check out our catalog of tunes. We appreciate all of our new fans and can be heard on Midwest Broadcasting, Eagle Eye Music PR, Rockers Dive Radio, Offical 365 RN ,Rock Invasion Radio & Rock 365 Radio on internet radio Please check it out!!!
We are just taking an extended break so please stay tuned and stay friends.






                             As seen in Music Bank 17 December 2014


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Our new BLOG site is up, its not butterflies n puppies, its raw, vulger, sad & disturbing, but its a place for us to vent and allows you to vent back. 

Listen to Carl Elizondo & The Royal Union Of Architects along with the British artisis that inspired the Architects: Stone Roses, Oasis, The La's, Travis, Stereophonics, Kasabian, Led Zeppelin Etc. At Jango Radio below!



The Royal Union Of architects are in the top 30 on Loop Radio. Please show some love & click on the link below and Vote for Carl Elizondo & The Royal Union Of Architects, Cheers!



We are chuffed to announce our live on air radio appearance / interview with the dapper Mr. Sam Jones on LOOP Radio  Monday  1  September 2014 @ 9 p.m GMT, 1p.m. PST, 4p.m. EST  a great chat is planned, we will cover everything from the proper way to roll a ciggy to great record producers and more!....tune in to find out how to win a collection of our music!


what a great time we had, click the logo above to hear the podcast!


           " What A Brilliant Sound, A 60's Resurgence, Absolutely amazing"
Sam Jones- Loop Radio.Net UK / Worldwide
   "A Massive Massive Artist, The Royal Union Of Architects never fail to deliver
                    They have an American Beatles sort of sound to them"

                                           -Mike Hardy-Sky High Radio UK

                      "A Fab, Mad Fer It, Echoing Blast of Psychedelic 1967"-            
                                       Michael Sion, Reno Gazette Journal

                 As seen in The Reno Gazette Journal year end review 12/2013
                                                                In The Top 10!

"We are absolutely chuffed to have been"noticed" in our community, Thanks!"

                                           Carl Elizondo-by Bobby Collini  


Carl has been writing music for years. The former drummer for The Greg Leon Invasion, SIN, Jag Wire & Heroes in Love, takes the world that revolves around him and puts it into words & sound. A lot of his music is the standard protocol of songwriting such as love gained, love lost, depression and, ..........just life.

The Beatles and Oasis are the main influences in Carl's music " as Noel Gallagher  said " (in reference to him borrowing ideas from the Beatles) " if you are going to pinch, you might as well pinch from the best"  "I do believe  that" Carl says " it's not like I don't have an original Idea in my head, I just like that sound."  "I do try to write from the hip, meaning that I try not to think t
he songs out too much, they are what they are".


Carl Elizondo & the Royal Union of Architects: At Her Majesty

 The Royal Union Of Architects have announced the title of their forthcoming album: "Curious Amusements For The Ingenious" slated for a Winter 2017 release ( Updated from the original winter 2014 release date). Now the hard part begins.....recording, recording, recording..whew!
UPDATE: 25/07/16

We are very happy to welcome the iconic Johnny Marr Custom Fender Jaguar Guitar to The Royal Union Of Architects family of guitars & gear!
Along with the Marr Jag, we have also added this little ditty, the Epiphone SG-Pro, We'll see ( after some modificarions) just how fast she'll drive


Working on songs in the studio, Just completed  "Pauper Millionaire" which will be featured on "Curious Amusements for the Ingenious" with a tentative 2016 release date

UPDATE:  12 /6 /14

So the new Album is doing well and getting much airplay thank you all!
Getting itchy to get back in the studio to lay tracks, we have many many ideas to choose from, now only to figure out which songs make the cut! Some poor old songs have been waiting for yonks! a bit
Update:  8/5/13
We will be adding a fan page so send in your coolest, cute, crazy pictures of yourself & we will add it to the page! (email to remember to list your country!

The Album is Now available via digital download & physical CD's!
from iTunes, CD Baby & Amazon


So new tunes are up at Jango & soundcloud, go check them out! the new CD will be out for purchse by Christmas (hint hint) Join us on Facebook, become a Jango fan & let us know what you think!!! T.R.U.O.A.

Well the songs are recorded & the art for the album is being completed.
We actully recorded too many so its down to picking which 10 or so will end up on the new release " At Her Majesty's Command We Present" Thank you for all of the well wishes and the support. We, The Royal Union of Architects, are very proud of this effort, it being our fourth release. We are contemplating on releasing this on cd and ( Gadzooks!)  Vinyl, which would be a hoot!
Please look around our site and check back regularly as we are constantly adding content. we'll talk soon! T.R.U.O.A.


The Royal Union Of Architects are busy working on their next album (with recent album & band name change) "At Her Majesty's Command We Present: The Royal Union Of Architects". Almost on a daily basis, the band are going into the studio for, from a few hours to eight hour blocks, writing, re-writing and forming each song based loosely on 60's British invasion ( The Who, The Kinks etc), 90's British invasion   ( Oasis, Blur,Muse, Placebo,Radiohead etc) and American staples (The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Van Halen, Sound Garden, Stone Temple Pilots etc) plus newer groups like The Arctic Monkeys, Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds and Beady Eye. As of late June '12 the band have over 15 songs recorded from 45 newly written, unheard songs. With the new songs, band name change and an update to the album title, this will prove to be an exceptional and exciting album.
 The Royal Union Of Architects "Bundle" $19.99+ shipping-all 4 CD's + booklets
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