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The Royal Union of Architects have been hard at work bringing you their version of Brit-Rock style music. Using The Beatles, Noel Gallagher & The Stone Roses as well as other styles of music as a cornerstone, the Architects try to meld these styles into their own brand of music & we hope you enjoy it...!

Stick around, check out the pages & click through some links...Please help out by going to our "Music Store" & buy a tune or two if you like them, or go to our "Guestbook" and just say hello, email us your picture & tell us the country where you're from and we'll put them up........ We're sure you'll find something you like! Be sure to also check out. Carl Elizondo & The Royal Union Of Architects-Music

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Not much studio work of late, been working on other more pressing things but the bones are there, just need to  get into the studio & work. I feel like a warrior swinging a sword towards my enemies...however those enemies happen to be my body's health- or maybe I could learn to co-exist? ..................in a bit!

June / JULY 2019

So, many of you know, many don't .... I have suffered with arthritis most of my life, I shouldn't use the word suffer, maybe dealt with is better.... anyway this thing has reared its ugly head again, much like it did when I was in The Greg Leon Invasion & Jag Wire and this has prevented us from going back into the studio to complete "Keeper of The Kings Conscience" therefore we are postponing the release to 2020. I am currently receiving new treatment for  this and hope to get back into the studio real soon.

The Following is

POSTPONED : until APRIL 2020

Details to follow_

ON ANOTHER NOTE: these is a scheduled RE-UNION!    RAZU, Heroes In Love & possibly The Greg Leon Invasion will host a reunion in Pasadena California this OCTOBER 2019, please go to our section Musical Past in this website that features these fine past bands, click on the link & reacquaint yourself with these fantastic tunes & musicianship! 

In A bit...

MAY 2019

We have been featured on terrestrial  radio NV89  several times in the past months so we are extremely happy about that. Still in the studio working and re-working some guitar parts, beefing up vocals and giving each song a general polishing up. alone with that, Carl has been acting in two different regional short film commercials for a local event, that in itself is a tiring exercise. He now has a new found respect for actor and such!

in a bit... Ta


The new album song listing for Curious Amusements For The Ingenious is now out: Pauper Millionaire, 32 Ford (working title), Wish It Away, Bittersweet, You won't (ever) Know, Window, Anymore, Spy vs. Spy (working title), Tell Me Summat, You're Leaving- This was written during a challenging time in life, and it shows, there are many hidden messages as well as blatant castoffs to those who know! enjoy.


We are, now working on the next album, KEEPER OF THE KINGS CONSCIENCE which has yet to be released. We don't have a release date for it, but we do have a hand full of great songs. we have an unusual opportunity, and must take advantage of this time that we have.

December 2018

Nice write-up from Reno Gazette Journal December 2018

Carl Elizondo & The Royal Union of Architects, retro Brit rock, “Pauper Millionaire” 

A grandiose ticket back to 1966, when the British Invasion greats (the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks) were pushing pop’s boundaries — as were two American Beach Boys named Brian Wilson and Mike Love. Carl Elizondo takes listeners on a harmonious journey back to that halcyon era. “Pauper Millionaire” clocks in richly at 5:41 and elicits singalong “ahs.”-Michael Sion

  • October 2018

We are proud to announce the title of our next Album : "Keeper Of The Kings Conscience" tentative release date fall 2019- The Royal Union Of Architects: Gentlemen of the Finest Order!

  • September 2018

Finishing touches on vox and mixes on Three Penny Coffin (Cor Blimey), came out great and I am happy this song is behind us!

Check...check... is this thing on? We have written 10 new tunes for the next (our 6th) album. Three have song names so far.... "And You Fly", "Willow Breeze" & "That's Right!". We are super excited to finish this collection of songs and GET THEM OUT THERE TO YOU!, so we can get back in the studio and do it all over again.....Mad? sure but can you think of a better way to be mad?

  • August 2018

And another song "Four Penny Coffin (Cor Blimey)" is almost in the books, we are in the studio daily writing and coming out for tea....that's it...in a bit

The Royal Union Of Architects-Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants


The Beatles and Oasis are the main influences in The Royal Union Of Architects music " as Noel Gallagher  said " (in reference to him borrowing ideas from the Beatles) " if you are going to pinch, you might as well pinch from the best"  "we do believe  that" they say " but it's not like we don't have original Ideas in our heads, we just love that sound."  "we do try to write from the hip, meaning that we try not to think the songs out too much, they are what they are". 

NEWER POSTS: -July 2018
NV 89.1 FM
We are dead chuffed to have been featured on NV89.1 in RENO & 100.5 in Carson City again! Thank you again NV89.1 FM  for the airplay, check out this station playing a wide variety of eclectic music as well as local Nevada artists, cheers to them!

  • June 2018

Believe it or not, we are back in the studio writing and recording with 12 songs in the midst of being put together, recorded, re-recorded and ideas flowing like madness. There are an additional 8 disks of demos, and each of those have 15 songs on them. At the moment we are cherry picking from those to put together the next two albums with a possible release date of 2019 & 2020. When the flood gates open, well you just have to dive in and make the most of it. We are so excited to show you these new tunes but of course we all have to wait for that, but till then....Please check out our catalogue of music, we are sure there is something you will like.....

We have been featured on NV89.1 FM in RENO & 100.5 FM in Carson City, Please call in or write to NV89radio on facebook or check out http://nv89.org/ and request any song from our last two albums  "At Her Majesty's Command We Present:" or "Curious Amusements For The Ingenious" they have been playing them and we would love the support!   TA........in a bit

  •    May 2018   CRAZY SALES
    We were blown away with the first full months sales reports and all we can say is THANK YOU! the physical sales and digital downloads for this latest album   "Curious Amusements For The Ingenious"  have been phenomenal and actually have outsold all of the prior releases to date. The older catalogue have also spiked so again Thanks, it is much appreciated but as we have mentioned, this is done for the LOVE of music and nothing else....in a bit
  • April 2018-

CuriousAmusements For The Ingenious:The long awaited album From Carl Elizondo & The Royal Union Of Architects is out now on iTunes, CD Baby & most internet music stores,selling this 5 year in the making album. The Architects waded through rough waters to get back into the studio and write this new collection of tunes. This has proven to be an interesting album as "the world that revolves around them" was in flux for quite a while, but this album proves that the Architects have stuck to their guns and have written a great album! 

Now On iTunes & CD Baby!!         Curious Amusements For The Ingenious- check Video page for this featured song !


  • The album "Curious Amusements For The Ingenious" is complete and being sent off to be mastered, hoping to release it in a few months
  • 12/11/17: Working in the studio daily getting  lots of work done AND, remastering two songs that were to be on our previous album titled " Tell Me Summat" and "Wish it Away". All of this work and time in the studio is compliments of an unnamed benefactor, who actually believes in us! cheers Mate!
  • 21/10/17: Working in the studio for 3weeks now, making great progress, cant wait for the final outcome!

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  • Working on songs in the studio, Just completed  "Pauper Millionaire" which will be featured on "Curious Amusements for the Ingenious" with a tentative 2017 release date.

UPDATE:  12 /6 /14

  • So the new Album is doing well and getting much airplay thank you all!
  • Getting itchy to get back in the studio to lay tracks, we have many many ideas to choose from, now only to figure out which songs make the cut! Some poor old songs have been waiting for yonks!....in a bit
  • Update:  8/5/13
  • We will be adding a fan page so send in your coolest, cute, crazy pictures of yourself & we will add it to the page!(remember to list the country where you're from)
  • truoa@carlelizondo.com 
  • The new album At her Majesty's Command We Present: is now available via digital download & physical CD's, from iTunes,
  • CD Baby & Amazon

 So new tunes are up at Jango  New tunes up at Soundcloud, go check them out! the new CD will be out for purchase by Christmas (hint hint) Join us on Facebook, become a Jango fan & let us know what you think!!! T.R.U.O.A.

  • The Royal Union Of Architects are busy working on their next album (with recent album & band name change) "At Her Majesty's Command We Present: The Royal Union Of Architects". Almost on a daily basis, the band are going into the studio for, from a few hours to eight hour blocks, writing, re-writing and forming each song based loosely on 60's British invasion ( The Who, The Kinks etc), 90's British invasion   ( Oasis, Blur,Muse, Placebo, Radiohead etc) and American staples (The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Van Halen, Sound Garden, Stone Temple Pilots etc) plus newer groups like The Arctic Monkeys, Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds and Beady Eye. As of late June '12 the band have over 15 songs recorded from 45 newly written, unheard songs. With the new songs, band name change and an update to the album title, this will prove to be an exceptional and exciting album.     
  • Check us out on SOUNDCLOUD

Along with the Marr Jag guitar, we have also added a little ditty, the Epiphone SG-Pro, We'll see ( after some modificarions) just how fast she'll drive