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A Review of the song "Rhythm" from " At Her Majesty's Command We Present:"

By Diva Shane

CarlElizondo & The Royal Union Of Architects- I am getting so many flavors of music in this song it’s outrageous! I’m having a blast just setting here enjoying the patchwork quilt rich sounds. There are moments where this track feels like a 60’s throw back with a dash of Oasis and maybe even a bit of Styx in the beginning. The drum line is a great happy, poppy beat while the guitar has this slightly muted dirty sound. I loved the guitar solo, that riff is so fun to listen to. Vocally I am grooving on his voice. His song style reminds me of Oasis. It’s kinda trippy the way he modulates his voice.

This song is like an acid trip for your brain. I can see it as a soundtrack piece or playing at home while hanging out with friends. I like it well enough I want to hear more from the band and download this to my server. I have some Beatles, Oasis and even some Alice in Chains I was to pair it with and see what