The Greg Leon Invasion

Musical Past

Written with Master Guitarist Greg Leon, Carl  Elizondo (playing under the stage name Carl James)  & Greg Leon weave heavy rock riffs with great pop melodies. 

(also features Chuck Stevenson / Joey Vera on bass & Kenny Kauffman on guitars)

The Greg Leon Invasion




Razu were a rock band from Alhambra California, playing the L.A. music scene 1976-1980. Playing Gazzarri's, The Troubadour, the Whiskey, The Starwood and the So.Cal college frat scene, Razu consisting of: Chris Eads, Bob Loza, Thom Santee & Carl ELizondo made a large name for themselves in a short time until the band-mates drifted apart which led to the demise of the band. PLAY THESE MEMORIES VERY LOUD FOR MAXIMUM EFFECT!


Jag  Wire 


Their album "Made In Heaven" was released in 1985, it was also available on cassette & now on  CD. It sold well in the States especially in Los Angeles. The Album was  first released in Germany & imported to the States, so many people  thought Jag Wire were a German band. Jag Wire was outfitted with some of the most accomplished musicians in Los Angeles at the time featuring: Howard Drossin (Guitars), Vince Gilbert (Keyboards), Art Deresh (Vocals), Joey Cristofanilli (Bass) and Carl Elizondo (Drums). At the time of the bands demise, there was a second album worth of songs that were written but never recorded.


Heroes in Love


Heroes in Love were an 80's rock band from Los Angeles consisting of some of the finest musicians around. Their lyrics and composing of  music is what drew a spotlight to the band and brought them to the forefront of the music scene. After years of dead ends & non-returned  calls, the boys decided to call it a day. Rick Anthony, Bob Loza, Carl Elizondo Ruben Reza, Bob Robles - these are..., Heroes In Love